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Following a , it looks like Overwatch 2 is starting to hit a stride. On Monday, Blizzard all the content that’s coming with the game’s latest season, and there’s plenty here for fans to be excited about. To start, season three will introduce the franchise’s first crossover event. Starting on March 7th, players will have the chance to earn cosmetic items inspired by , the popular superhero series created by Japanese manga artist One. Specifically, one of the skins sees Doomfist recast to look like One-Punch protagonist Saitama.

If One-Punch Man means little to you, thankfully there will be plenty of other skins you can earn this season. After season two took inspiration from , season three will feature cosmetics themed around “Asian mythology.” Players who complete the latest premium battle pass will earn the new Amaterasu Kiriko skin. As the name suggests, the skin is inspired by the Japanese Shinto goddess of the sun. What’s more, Blizzard says it has listened to player feedback and made it easier to earn cosmetic items. The season three battle pass will feature 10 additional free reward tiers for players to unlock. Blizzard is also bringing almost all of the skins it released during the availability of the original Overwatch to Overwatch 2’s in-game store, and tweaking the price of those skins to make them cost fewer credits.

On the gameplay front, players can look forward to a new Control map modeled after the Antarctic, a location that has . With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Overwatch 2 will celebrate the holiday in not one but two ways. First, it’s adding a limited-time game mode that will see everyone in the match play as Hanzo. Second, Blizzard is finally giving fans something they’ve been waiting to get for a while. On February 13th, the studio will release , a dating sim you can play until the 28th through your browser. This “non-canon” text-based experience will allow you to woo either Mercy or Genji. Unlock the secret ending to earn a special Player of the Game highlight reel for use in Overwatch 2.

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