Elon Musk claims Twitter will start sharing ad revenue with Blue subscribers | Engadget

subscribers will receive a cut of revenue from ads that appear in their reply threads, CEO Elon Musk . The new program starts today, Musk noted, but he hasn’t yet provided additional details about how it works. The Twitter Blue support page doesn’t include any information either. no longer has a comms department that can be reached for comment.

Blue subscribers in some territories already see half as many ads on their timeline as other users. Offering a cut of ad revenue could help Twitter keep users on board, especially if it offers them a reasonable split that could earn them some decent scratch for a viral tweet. Many other platforms already offer creators a share of ad revenue, including , , , .

Twitter Blue subscribers currently pay $8 ( per month, or for the service. In return, they receive several perks, including , the and . They also get longer video uploads (which some people have used to ) and when they respond to someone.

The company is trying to to, among other things, ensure it can meet interest payments of over $1 billion per year on the loans Musk took out to buy the company. Finding more ways to maximize engagement (and in turn revenue) is key. So incentivizing users, especially those with large audiences, to subscribe to Blue and tweet more often by offering them a revenue share is a logical step. Twitter is also said to be using an in-app currency.

Meanwhile, Twitter is reportedly charging businesses $1,000 per month to have a gold checkmark. Verification for affiliated accounts seemingly costs $50 per month.

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